Drive A Child was developed by a2om international ltd.

The product is available for your personal use and is not to be resold.

Upon paying the full purchase price on registration you are entitled to unlimited access to the resources for your personal use for a period of 3 years.

The IP contained within the product remains with a2om international ltd and may not be used, replicated or copied without prior consent from the company.

The product is deemed to be have been used upon registration. As such refunds are not available once registration is complete and payment taken. Any issues regarding payment terms should be raised with a2om immediately to the following address, directors@a2om.com.

Drive A Child uses cookies to help track users and assist with easier access. We do not use your data for any other reasons, or make it available to 3rd parties.

a2om international ltd uses Amazon Web Servers to host the platform and commits to an uptime of 99.90%.

Drive A Child carries some external links within the product but is not responsible for the content contained in any site which is not owned by a2om international ltd.

Use of the product does not guarantee safety but provides evidence based research on how to minimise risks while driving. a2om international ltd is not responsible for the driving performance of users of Drive A Child.


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