SAFETY FIRST DRIVE A CHILD Everything you will need and want to know about driving with babies and children.


PROTECTION FROM HIDDEN DANGER Most of us are good drivers! But its not our technical skill that contributes to 95% of crashes.


ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE IN-CAR SAFETY Change every journey for the better and prepare yourself for pretty much anything out on the road.


NO ROOM FOR ERROR CAR SEATS Shockingly, more than 57% of us don’t fit them properly. Know the in’s and out’s with our interactive e-book.

How it works

How it works

Smart. simple. effective.

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On an average 16 minute journey with children we take our eyes off the road for more than 3 minutes!

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About us


Leaders in behaviour based driver risk management through e-learning.
Creating bespoke platforms for some of the biggest companies in the world, including:
Shell, Mercedes Benz, Unilever & Michelin.  As well as profiling drivers for global events such as London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Creators of award winning free young drivers programme Drive iQ.  Now used in over 900 schools throughout the UK.

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Managing driver risk is what we do for large company’s, but every individual should also be able to get hold of this knowledge for the wellbeing of their family too.”

Nick Rowley, Group CEO, a2om

GoodEgg Drivers

Good Egg Safety is the UK’s leading in-car child safety organisation and has been campaigning for safer child transportation since 2001. The Good Egg Initiative is supported by the biggest names in both road safety and the car seat industry including; TRL, DFT,  Road Safety Scotland, Road Safety GB, RoSPA, RoadSafe, Brake, the London Road Safety Council, Arnold Clark Group, Maxi-Cosi and Mamas & Papas.

We are delighted to partner with Drive A Child for this innovative and potentially life saving product. We know that correctly installing the right child car seat into a car is essential to protect our children if the unthinkable should happen - avoiding a collision in the first place is even better! Drive A Child shows us how.”

Jan James, CEO, Good Egg Safety


With an enviable reputation in early years education, Norland College has been running childcare courses since 1892 and is recognised internationally as the best in its field.  Every Norland student will now complete the Drive a Child programme as part of their core training and Norland also actively encourage all former graduates to do the same.

Norland was delighted to be asked to work with a2om in order to evaluate and promote Drive a Child. By completing this online course, childcare professionals will gain vital information and skills; enhancing their ability and confidence when driving children. The qualification will also provide families peace of mind.”

Claire Burgess, Early Years Consultant, Norland

Will someone else be driving your child?

Everyone thinks they’re a great driver!  So how can you be sure?

How long have they been driving?

Ask how long they have
been driving

How many points do they have?

Check if they have any
points on their licence

Go for a test drive with them

Go for a test drive with them

None of the above provide meaningful answers...

Experience helps but its not a measure of driving competence
A lack of points doesn’t mean your a safe driver
Test drives often show a false positive as people are on their best behaviour

Don’t leave it to chance…be sure your little ones get safely from A to B

Drive a Child

Online assessment, education platform and the highest standard of professional advice for driving with children.
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